Welcome to BESSER’s Documentation#

BESSER is a low-modeling low-code open-source platform built on top of our Python-based personal interpretation of a “Universal Modeling Language” (yes, heavily inspired and a simplified version of the better known UML, the Unified Modeling Language).


BESSER is funded thanks to an FNR Pearl grant led by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology with the participation of the Snt/University of Luxembourg and open to all your contributions!

BESSER enables users to model, generate, perzonalize and deploy smart and complex software systems. BESSER is based around our B-UML language and a number of generators built on top of it (See the high-level architecture below).

B-UML metamodel

You’ll find here all the necessary information about the B-UML language (to model the problem domain) and the different code generators to produce a deployable solution. You could even build your own code generator for a target technology.